Vanuatu Green Party Candidate Wins Port Vila By-Election

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Seat was vacated with death of Internal Affairs Minister Crowby

By Godwin Ligo

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, April 19, 2014) – Jean-Yves Chabod of the Green Confederation Party was officially declared elected as new Member of Parliament (MP) for Port Vila by the Electoral Commission yesterday.

He fills the chair vacated by the late MP and the former Internal Affairs Minister, the late Patrick Crowby.

The official result declaring the duly elected candidate of the PortVila parliamentary by-election that took place on Tuesday this week, was announced on Radio Vanuatu yesterday evening.

The new Port Vila MP Chabod received 1,941 votes in Tuesday’s poll. After the official count of the votes by the Electoral Commission on Wednesday, the Commission announced the by-election official results and declared Jean Yves Chabod new Port Vila MP on Radio Vanuatu yesterday evening.

The rest of the official results are; Andrew Napuat, of Graon mo Jastis Pati received 1,906 votes; Levi Tarosa of the Vanua’aku Party with 1,891 votes; Union candidate Ephraim Kalsakau with 1,760 votes; Sabby Natonga of Moderate Alliance with 1,160 votes, sixth Jeffrey Wilfred Independent with 1,156 votes; Joshua Bong, Independent, with 996 votes; Joe Iautu, Opposition with 879 votes; Alick George Noel Independent with 520 votes; David Abel, Independent with 507 votes; Father Henry Crowby PPP with 243 votes and Ephraim Songi, Independent with 143 votes.

According to Daily Post’s independent calculation, around 35.9% of the total eligible registered voters of 36,863 cast their votes.

Even, the predicted figure of 27,000 eligible registered voters that was expected to poll on Tuesday fell far short. There was a huge drop in the turnout of the Tuesday election compared with the 2012 parliamentary elections that recorded a turnout of 51% and the Tuesday 15th April 2014 recorded a turnout of only 35.9% according to Daily Post calculations. It indicates a drop of around 15% from the 2012 parliamentary elections.

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