Australian Police Seek Papua New Guinean Labor Recruiter

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Man reportedly took workers’ wages, stranding them

By Len Garae

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, May 1, 2014) – Australian Federal Police are reported to be looking for Emmanuel Bani from Papua New Guinea in Queensland after he disappeared with the salaries of his workers from Papua New Guinea including some Chinese and Filipinos, stranding them in Australia without any money.

This is the same Emmanuel Bani who last month promised to get 1,700 ni-Vanuatu workers to work on farms in Australia. This is also the same Emmanuel Bani who posed with the Commissioner of Labour in his bid to convince him that he was the one the country had been waiting for to cause a breakthrough for Vanuatu workers on the Australian Seasonal Employment Market.

Australian South Sea Islander and recruiter Daniel Awiyawi says Emmanuel Bani won’t get those 1,700 workers to work in Australia.

Awiyawi came to Vanuatu on March 3 and warned Immigration not to allow Emmanuel Bani into the country saying he is a crook and he is going to ruin the opportunities for ni-Vanuatu to find decent jobs on farms in Australia.

"He got some workers on visiting visa or some other visa but not working visa and put them to work on farms there. When the workers completed their jobs, he collected their money and he did the run instead of paying the workers their salaries," he alleged.

Daniel Awiyawi whose great great grandfather came from Erromango and his great great grandmother came from Santo says he is not against ni-Vanuatu working in Australia.

What he will fight tooth and nail against is individuals like Emmanuel Bani who capitalise on ni-Vanuatu respect and honesty to rob them of hard earned salaries.

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