Vanuatu Parliament Session Stream Live On Internet

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New Caledonia Congress provides funds for equipment

By Anita Roberts

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, May 2, 2014) – Vanuatu’s Parliament sessions in Port Vila are streaming live via website ( and can be viewed by people in the six provinces of Vanuatu and from anywhere around the world, thanks to the New Caledonia Congress for providing funds of over Vt9 million [US$95,000].

Parliamentary sessions in Vanuatu have been streaming live online since last year’s October extra-ordinary session. Eight members from the Congress of New Caledonia are currently in Port Vila on a visit following the donation of the broadcasting equipment.

Four swivel television cameras installed at corners of the chamber, microphones at all parliamentarian’s desks, a projector and sound system are the new equipment the parliament is using, funded by the legislature of New Caledonia.

Speaker of Parliament, Philip Boedoro, said the new equipment will "improve the transmission and backup of all files of parliamentary debates in the house".

New Caledonia’s contribution has made a significant change in the national parliament, through the establishment of agreements and ties it has had with the Parliament of Vanuatu since 2003.

Now that any citizen or supporter could watch and listen to all debates from laptops or computers, members of the parliament are expected to be very cautious, behave properly and dress accordingly.

A formal handover of the equipment took place at the Parliament House on Tuesday this week in the presence of the Congress delegates and French Ambassador to Vanuatu, Clerk Louis Kalnpel, the Speaker and Prime Minister Moana Carcasses, Ministers and members from both the government and opposition.

This visit from the New Caledonia Congress has also led to a partnership agreement signed between the two parliaments for program exchange activity to share common values and experiences.

Both Prime Minister Moana Carcasses and Speaker Boedoro told the delegates that the parliament of Vanuatu is privileged to have a relationship with the Congress of New Caledonia.

Members on the visit here are Karine Paiman, Diana Chapmann, Vidjaya Tirou, Soumynie Kartadiwvja, Damien Yiewiene and M.Arlie. The head of the touring team,Rock Wamytan, who is the president of the New Caledonia could not make the trip.

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