Nauru MPs Want Outside Legal Opinion On Suspension

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Speaker reportedly agrees to seek opinion

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, May 20, 2014) – The Nauru MPs suspended from parliament last week say they are yet to hear from the Speaker on their challenge to the validity of the expulsion.

The Government had the MPs, Mathew Batsiua, Kieren Keke and Roland Kun removed on Tuesday, claiming they had brought disrepute on Nauru by speaking to the international media.

The MPs reject the claims and the Speaker, Ludwig Scotty, has agreed to their request that he seek a legal opinion.

Mr Batsiua says they aim speak with Mr Scotty early this week and hope he goes outside of the Nauru Ministry of Justice.

"Because you know it needs to independent so that everybody can be satisfied that the outcome or the legal opinion being give is truly independent. Maybe from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, which is a body that is recognised and we are a part of, and we engage in many activities that are organised by the CPA," says Batsiua.

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