Solomons Urged To Invest More Development Funds In Women

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Government usually doesn’t count contributions of women: Academic

By Daniel Namosuaia

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, June 24, 2014) - Dr Alice Pollard is calling on both provincial and national governments to put money where it actually grows the economy.

Speaking at the launch of the Gizo women’s savings club last week in Western province, Pollard said leaders should understand that women are the undisputable contributors to this economy, but yet are victims to inequality and unfair treatment.

"Women contributed millions of dollars in unaccounted amount to the economy in what they produce year in year out from their gardens and what they produce. But yet the government overlooks this.

"If only more money is given to women with the provision of better equipment, facilities to boast their activities, they will sure make huge impact to this country’s economy," Pollard said.

She said this country relies on subsistence economy which accounts for 2/3 of this country’s growth and yet the government ignored the contributions of women.

Dr Pollard said more cash should be injected to women in this country because by far, millions of unaccounted value through women’s subsistence contribution has driven this country this far.

She said the government should not waste money on projects that did not contribute to the country’s economy.

She said initiative of women like the savings clubs have played a significant role in the livelihood of women than projects handed out to individuals.

Pollard urges leaders to think deep and pour money on women’s projects.

"How much more will they contribute if the government and leaders prioritize them with support that make impact that improves, empowers and make positive changes within communities," Pollard added.

She stressed that if women can come up with a savings club and later on take out small loans to invest in their livelihood projects or income generating activities, it implies how important women’s roles are in the family, communities and the nation.

Meanwhile Dr Pollard challenges women to save the little they have and treat it as their baby because one day when the baby matures, she will care for them later in life and the years to come.

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