Bougainville Filmmaker Celebrates Nun As Peacemaker

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University of Goroka festival highlights women as change agents

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, June 27, 2014) – Bougainville film director Llane Munau documents the leading role of Sister Lorraine Garasu as a peacemaker in new documentary series Pawa Meri.

Llena Munau grew up in Bougainville during the civil war which broke out in the late eighties. The conflict over royalty claims from the exploitation of the Panguna copper mine lasted ten years and left deep scars in the island's communties.

Llane's film 'Voice of Change' tells the story of Sister Lorraine, a catholic nun who played a leading role in the peacemaking process.

Llane Munau is one of six female directors involved in the production Pawa Meri, a documentary series which showcases six inspiring women and their leading roles in bringing about change in their respective communities.

Llane felt it was important to celebrate Sister Lorraine's role and to document a very important chapter of Bougainville's history.

"I wanted my film to capture history and the life of this amazing woman, Sister Lorraine," says Llane Munau who wants Bougainville children to know what happened during the secessionist crisis so it never repeats itself.

The documentary series was launched earlier this week at the University of Goroka where the Pawa Meri project was initiated by the Centre for Social and Creative Media.

You can find more about the Pawa Meri series on

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