PNG, 3 National Parliamentarians Involved In Alleged Sex Scandal

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Suit brought by husband of women associated with all 3 cases

By Adrian Mathias

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, August 3, 2014) – Three national parliamentarians have been taken to court for adultery by the husband of a woman they all allegedly had sex with.

Their case went before the Waigani Family Court last Friday and has been adjourned to this Friday for submissions after the court found out that the lawyer for the complainant (the woman’s husband) did not have a practicing certificate.

According to court documents, the three MPs were alleged to have had sexual intercourse with the same woman on separate occasions in May, June and July of last year.

The names of the three leaders and the electorates they represent have been withheld until the court makes a determination on their case.

The information in the court file alleges that the first MP offered the woman K500 [$US200] and the second MP K800 [$US318] before having sex with her on separate occasions.

The third MP also allegedly had sex with her but on the understanding that he would marry her and reimburse K100,000 [$US40,000] to her husband, which the husband purportedly paid as bride price.

Last Friday lawyers representing the three MPs asked the presiding magistrate to dismiss the entire proceedings, describing it as frivolous, vexatious and an abuse of court process.

Their defence was that the admission of adultery obtained by the complainant from his wife was done with threats and intimidation.

They argued that the definition of "adultery", according to the Oxford Dictionary, points to it as a "voluntary act" by the two parties involved.

They said the complainant’s statement in his affidavit that the defendants paid money in itself does not constitute adultery and is voluntary between the two consenting parties.

The case also fails to meet the legal requirements in registering complaints within a six-month period, the lawyers said.

Consequently, they said the matter against the three MPs be dismissed entirely as the proceedings were without basis and could harm the reputation of the leaders.

The complainant’s lawyer will respond to the submission this Friday after administrative issues relating to his practicing certificate are fixed.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, adultery is the voluntary sexual intercourse between a married man and someone other than his wife or between a married woman and someone other than her husband.

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