Fiji To Focus ON Niche Market Cultural Tourism

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Tourism Fiji moves away from promoting mass market tourists

By Jemima Garrett

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, August 21, 2014) – The new chairman of Tourism Fiji says the country's tourism industry needs to move away from mass market appeal based on sun, sea and sand to a niche market that draws on unique cultural experiences.

The tourism industry accounts for 38 per cent of Fiji's gross domestic product and it's the country's biggest employer.

Tourism Fiji chairman Stefan Pichler has told Pacific Beat the industry needs to focus on adding value.

"We have a lot of room for improvement," he said.

"We have to create new products for Fiji that are not designed for mass market tourists but which enable very individual, very unique experiences.

"Competing in the mass market is not the smartest thing to do because then sun and beach competes against sun and beach, and price competes against price, so what we try to do is create added value products.

"And they should make tourists more happy and they should bring more income to the country."

Mr Pichler says tourists in Europe often spend double the amount they paid for their holiday package on the ground on events and experiences.

In Fiji though, people spend about half the cost of their package in the country.

"We can stimulate the market, where people spend more money on the ground doing excursions, participating in events, etcetera, etcetera," Mr Pichler said.

Meanwhile, Mr Pichler, who's also the CEO of Fiji Airways, has denied his airline is in a standoff with Solomon Islands.

Flights between the two countries have been suspended following a dispute that began when Solomons' Civil Aviation Authority refused a request for extra flights to Honiara.

"Well we don't have a standoff with Solomon Airlines," Mr Pichler said.

"I think the standoff is between the governments, we have adapted to the situation, we can use our airline capacity differently.

"It has no impact on us at all."

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