PNG Corruption Unit Chief Removed From Government Payroll

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Taskforce Sweep’s Sam Koim continue work despite not being paid

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Sept. 9, 2014) – There's uncertainty over the future of the chairman of Papua New Guinea's anti-corruption unit Taskforce Sweep after he was removed from the government payroll.

PNG Industry news reports that Sam Koim has confirmed that he has not been paid for a number of fortnights.

He had been continuing his work as head of the investigative unit, probing high level corruption, after a government move to disband Taskforce Sweep almost three months ago had been over-ruled by the courts.

The government move to disband Taskforce Sweep came after its investigations into alleged massive, illegal state payments to a law firm resulted in an arrest warrant being issued for the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.

Mr O'Neill has described Taskforce Sweep as having become politically compromised.

Mr Koim proceeded to gain widespread public support and was invited to Australia by Transparency International to meet with politicians including Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

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