300 PNG Teachers’ Salaries Not Paid For 8 Months

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300 PNG Teachers’ Salaries Not Paid For 8 Months Bureaucratic blunder blamed for oversight

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, Sept. 10, 2014) – A bureaucracy blunder has been blamed for the non-payment of salaries for 295 teachers in Hela and Southern Highlands in the past eight months.

PNG Teachers Association branch president in Mendi, Christopher Kaia said the teachers were angry over the oversight.

Kaia said there 232 were from elementary schools and 63 teachers from community, primary, high, secondary schools and technical vocational education training centres.

He said education officers in the two provinces had sent the teachers’ duty resumption forms and the list of appointments from the provincial education boards to the Teaching Service Commission early this year.

Kaia said these documents were still sitting with the commission and were not handed over to the teachers’ salaries section in the education department.

"I am blaming the TSC for sitting on the files and causing the suffering and pain for the teachers in the two provinces," he said.

Kaia said the teachers had families to feed and needed to pay medical fees, clothes, food and bills.

"Officers in the TSC should put themselves into the shoes of these teachers and imagine how they will survive without pay for eight months," he said. He said the association had discussed the matter with the TSC and the Education secretary but it was yet to be resolved.

No comments could be obtained from the commission or the Education Department.

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