Honiara Launches ‘Eco-Bag Initiative’ To Curb Littering

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Honiara Launches ‘Eco-Bag Initiative’ To Curb Littering Mayor: ‘Waste management is everyone’s business’

By Daniel Namosuaia

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Oct. 2, 2014) – Waste management is not only council’s responsibility but should be the responsibility of all business houses, communities and everyone in the community, says city Mayor Andrew Mua.

In giving his key note address at the launch of the eco-bag initiative yesterday, Mua called on all city residents and the general public to be responsible and manage their waste properly.

He said waste management is an issue the current generation finds difficult to follow and has become one very important issue that needs the cooperation of all stakeholders to address.

The city council boss said the initiative to use eco-bag is a way forward for this country to keep the environment and their surroundings clean to ensure a healthy and sick-free environment where everyone will love to stay.

"Let us work together to manage our waste. It is not an easy thing to do because it will need the change of attitude and behaviour. Therefore supporting each other is the only way we can be able to slowly change our bad attitude and behaviour on waste. If only we can cooperate and that governments and authorities supporting each other to manage wastes, we can create a better and healthy and liveable Honiara city that attracts visitors," Mua said.

He appealed to the public to use eco-bags instead of plastics to keep the environment clean and healthy.

He said use of plastic bags though good in some ways but is harmful to the environment and is also killing lives in rivers and the sea which is a serious environmental issue that needs to be addressed.

"I encouraged the good people of Honiara city and the country to start using eco-bags to help keep the city and surroundings clean and also protect the environment from harm caused by the plastic bags," Mua added.

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