‘Answers’ Being Sold To PNG Exams ‘Total Scam’: Education Department

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‘Answers’ Being Sold To PNG Exams ‘Total Scam’: Education Department Students, parents warned to be wary of scammers

By Nellie Setepano

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Oct. 3, 2014) – PNG’s Education Department has declared yesterday that the circulated "answers" to 2014 Grade 10 examinations is a total scam. The "answers" are wrong and not true, says Education secretary Michael Tapo.

He said they have checked the circulated "answers" and confirmed they were bogus, adding that students who used these answers in their examination papers on Tuesday had failed themselves.

Speaking also on behalf of Education Minister Nick Kuman, Mr Tapo said that the public should be wary of scammers who were out to make fast money by convincing unsuspecting parents and students.

He thanked the Post-Courier for immediately providing the department the "answers" which proved to be the work of scammers. Mr Tapo warned students who are buying the scam answer sheets that they would be failed if caught.

"This year we have tightened up everything to make sure nothing goes out to the public. What you heard before about cheating in examinations is a story from yesterday," he told a media conference. He said the department had secured every issue relating to national examinations after previous incidences.

He said there were security issues which are confidential which he did not want to elaborate on but assured the public tight security systems were in place to protect yearly national examinations. Mr Tapo said the law will handle those who break it.

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