Kava Sellers In Samoa Withdraw Human Rights Complaint

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Indian couple resolve concerns directly with Ministry of Health

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, Samoa (Talamua, Oct. 20, 2014) – Indian couple Rakesh and Joidy Singh has withdrew their complaint against an official of the Ministry of Health (MOH) for violating their human rights.

In a letter to the Ombudsman dated 17th October 2014, Mr. Singh , General Manager of the Powerlite Electrical & Refrigeration company requested that his complaint lodged on the 14th October 2014 "be withdrawn as of today."

He acknowledged the Ombudsman office for taking time to consider their complaint.

The Singh’s complaint was on the belief that their human rights were violated by the actions of an MOH official who investigated the ava case against them.

He wrote to the Ombudsman to investigate the official’s conduct towards them.

Today, he asked to withdraw the complaint.

"My local directors have held meetings with respective authorities such as MOH and the Ministry of Commerce & Labour," said Mr. Singh.

Mr. Singh said the meetings which took place for two days was a success hence his decision to withdraw the complaint.

The Singh’s were implicated in selling imported Fijian kava’s under a local label Savelio Ava Samoa Fagaloa which prompted the investigation. However, whilst the Fijian kava is imported from Ms. Singh kava business in Fiji, the couple are not involved in distributing it locally but a Samoan by the name of Aufa’i Sale Matatia, who is a shareholder of the Powerlite Electrical & Refrigeration company.

Talamua understands another kava brand also sold locally, Kava Tonga implies the Indian couple as infringing the Kava Tonga brand label.

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