Ni-Vanuatu Chief Encourages People To Grow Grapes

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Ambae leader: No need to go to New Zealand, Australia for picking

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Nov. 11, 2014) – The people of Vanuatu are being encouraged to grow grapes.

A chief from Longana East Ambae, Chief Vusi Dickinson, says there is no need to go to New Zealand and Australia for grape picking.

Chief Vusi says he planted vines a few years ago as part of beautification of his village and has been surprised at how laden with fruit they were at present.

He says he is now planning to plant more vines and make a living out of grapes but there are no plans to make the first ever wine on Ambae.

Chief Vusi has appealed to young people, who are interested in going to Australia and New Zealand to pick grapes under the seasonal employment schemes, to grow their own gardens instead.

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