84.6% Of Registered Voters Participated In Fiji Elections

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Supervisor: Number of invalid votes shows strength of system

By Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari

SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, Nov. 13, 2014) – The Final Report by the Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem for the 2014 general election shows that 91,023 registered voters did not vote.

The report highlighted that 84.6 per cent of the 591,101 registered voters voted, this was 500,078.

Of this 500,078 that cast their ballots, 3714 votes were invalid.

Despite this significant number of registered voters that did not vote, Saneem praised the system that was used because of the low number of invalid votes he said.

"The low number of invalid votes amongst those voting demonstrates the strength of the new electoral system, which gives every registered voter a single vote in a multimember national constituency," Saneem stated in his report.

Of this registered voters the Central division had 247,393, Western division had 223,867, the Northern division had 89,212, the Eastern division had 25,121and registered voters from overseas were 5508.

The FEO sent out 12,190 postal ballots, only 7,948 were received and on the 26th of September, DHL returned 2219 satchels of which 480 were categorized as "received too late" and 1739 as "undelivered."

"Other issues arose with the interface between DHL and the FEO database which caused confusion in the exact delivery address for the Postal Vote Pack. When this was realized, counter measures were immediately put in place."

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