Support For Domestic Violence Victims In Samoa Improves

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‘Great change in attitude’ has occurred in recent years

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Nov. 14, 2014) – The Samoa Victim Support Group says there has been a great change in attitude over the years towards helping abused and vulnerable children.

An Auckland chapter of the SVSG launched over the weekend, to help raise awareness and support for victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence in Samoa.

The founder and president of the SVSG, Lina Chang, says the more awareness they are able to create, the more accepting people are of the work they do.

She says when the group started 9 years ago, people didn't want to give anything to towards the cause.

"There's the belief now, that what we are doing is right, in comparison with before, why are we interfering with the work that we shouldn't, why don't we go and look after our own families? But now we're very happy, in the difference in attitude and the real acceptance of these children now in society."

Lina Chang says of utmost importance is looking after the children they shelter, and giving them the skills and education to survive in the outside world too.

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