PNG Politician Calls For Calm As Tribunal Against PM Play Out

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Governor of Enga: Colleagues must not create instability over issue

By Isaac Nicholas

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Nov. 18, 2014) – Enga Governor Peter Ipatas has called for calm and for people to allow the process to take its course in relation to the referral of the Prime Minister to face a leadership tribunal.

Mr Ipatas, who is a veteran politician, having served all his time as provincial politician and almost 20 years in Parliament, called on the people, especially politicians, not to create instability over the current issue.

[PIR editor’s note: PNG Post-Courier reported that ‘A group of councillors from the Highlands region has described the referral of the Prime Minister as unacceptable and bad for the country. ... The leaders, led by councillor and deputy president of the Muglamp local level government Henry Muna, councillors Joshua Rombulg and chairman of land and peace meditation Isaiah Ulkai from Dei district, Western Highlands, told the Post-Courier that the little people are not happy with the referral as it would only sabotage the growth and prosperity of the country when the country was experiencing significant developments never experienced before. ... The leaders said PNG was on track for a positive outlook in the region with a stable leadership.’]

"The Ombudsman as we know has made the referral to the prosecutor and who has now referred the matter to the CJ to set up a leadership tribunal," Mr Ipatas stated.

"I want to state that all of us in this nation realise now how important it is to have stability, how important it is to have good leadership and as such I call on all our people and all our politicians to have patience and allow the processes to continue.

"There is no need for anybody to suggest that the Prime Minister should step aside because as we know in the recent past, Sir Michael Somare through the tribunal was allowed to continue in office and that is a matter that the tribunal will make at its own discretion," Mr Ipatas said.

"As leaders we must refrain from making any statement on this issue because we have enjoyed strong leadership over the last three years, a very vibrant leadership by the Prime Minister and speaking from my position as the governor of the province, I must say that we have never seen development in the province at the pace that it is going now and I am sure that all other districts and provinces are the same.

"In NCD we see evidence of a lot of infrastructure development because of the 2015 Pacific games and these are all happening because we have a stable government and a good Prime Minister in Peter O’Neill."

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