Two Political Camps Claim Majority Of MPs In Solomons

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Camps established in four hotels seek to woo incoming MPs

By Eddie Osifelo

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Nov. 26, 2014) – Two political camps are claiming more than 25 members to form the new government ahead of the election of Prime Minister in early December, it was revealed.

[PIR editor’s note: Solomon Star reported that ‘Lobbying is underway as various political camps bid to form the next government. ... Four major camps were established in four hotels, but the Solomon Star understands there were other smaller groups at play, too.’]

But in order for these two groups to form a new government, they will need not less than 30 members.

This is because any new government that comes in will need to fill up the Prime Minister’s post, Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Speaker, 24 line ministries and the 10 Standing Select Committees namely Public Accounts Committee, Parliamentary House Committee, Bills and Legislation Committee, Constitution Review Committee, Foreign Relations Committee, Health & Medical Services Committee, Education & Human Resources Training Committee, Police & National Security Committee, Environmental & Conservation Committee, Public Expenditure Committee and Special Select Committees.

Therefore, 37 is a good number a group need to agree on its coalition agreement before handing it over to the Registrar of the Political Parties Commission for endorsement.

One informer told the Solomon Star last night that wrangling for independent members is increasing at the moment by these two groups to secure the needed number of more than 37 members.

The duration of time to secure the number is still unknown.

A close source has informed the paper one group is claiming 25 plus members whilst other group claims 34 members at the moment.

However, a social media group, Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII) is calling on the Governor General to open up nomination for Prime Minister as soon as possible.

Chief Executive Officer, Benjamin Afuga said a new Government needs to be formed now to govern the nation’s affairs, as there are a lot of things that need to be put right.

Afuga said the last Government has not addressed a lot of pressing issues facing the nation, therefore people want change, and expects the new government to deliver it.

He said by delaying election of the Prime Minister, it will also create a lot of room for ‘horse trading’ by elected members from parties to parties.

Therefore, Afuga said the sooner the Governor General announces the nomination for PM is much better for citizens of this nation.

Rawcliffe Ziza Deputy Private Secretary Government House, said the election of Prime Minister is expected to be on first or second week of December.

Ziza said this will depends on how fast the elected members make their coalition government.

He said election of PM is important so that a new government will come in to pass the budget before the financial years ends on 31ST December.

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