Construction On SPC’s Pacific Village In Suva To Start

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Construction On SPC’s Pacific Village In Suva To Start $25.6 million project to centralize operations in Fiji

By Shalveen Chand

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, Dec. 1, 2014) – Construction of the $50 million [US$25.6 million] Pacific Village that will centralise all Secretariat of the Pacific Community's operations under one roof is expected to start early next year.

SPC director-general Colin Tukuitonga said Fiji had shown interest in starting the project.

"There is recent renewed interest from the host Government that is the government of Fiji. Plans have been drawn and we are looking forward to that because it is costly for the Fiji Government because we have people at seven sites," Mr Tukuitonga said.

"And the idea is to have the village in one place and the team to be in one place but also it is more efficient. Hopefully we will get that underway in 2015.

"I am encouraged by people talking about getting the work underway early in 2015. All of it really depends on being able to raise the money.

"The experts tell me that it is going to be around $50m. That's the estimate at the moment and as you know these things are bound to change."

SPC is headquartered in Noumea, New Caledonia, but most of its operation happen out of Fiji. There are seven locations for the SPC centres.

Mr Tukuitonga was asked the possibility of moving the headquarters to Fiji.

He said the decision to do that would have to be a political one.

"At the moment the headquarters is in Noumea and if that needs to happen then it has to be made by the political leaders of the region regardless of whether that happens or not, we need the new village for our staff," he said.

"I don't know if people have been able to visit our building. It is really old and substandard."

Foreign Affairs permanent secretary Amena Yauvoli had earlier stated SPC's seven locations spread over Suva were costing the Fiji Government quite substantial amount of money.

He said the concept of the Pacific Village was to consolidate all locations in Suva under one roof which would provide meaningful benefits and a reduction in costs.

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