Four Solomons Parties Agree To Form Coalition Government

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More than 30 MPs reach agreement, PM election next

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Nov. 29, 2014) – A new Solomon Islands government has been formed.

Four political parties have agreed last night to form a coalition to run the next government.

Leaders of the Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement (SIPRA), Democratic Alliance Party (DAP), Solomon Islands People First Party (SIPFP) and the Peoples’ Alliance Party (PAP) also approved a Coalition Agreement.

The agreement will be submitted to the Political Parties Commission – with the coalition to be called the Solomon Islands People’s Democratic Coalition.

Parliamentary wing leader of SIPRA Manasseh Maelanga described the agreement as "historic" as these parties have agreed to form the first government under the new Political Parties Act 2014.

He said as one of the parties in the coalition, SIPRA is extremely pleased with the excellent way in which the coalition was formed.

DAP spokesman Steve Abana said this is a great day for Solomon Islands as its leaders have agreed to move forward and form the next government.

He added that the composition of the new government speaks for itself as it accommodates five of the six political parties that have won seats in last week’s national general election.

Mr Abana said it has fulfilled the purpose of the act and he was extremely happy that the formation of the coalition has gone smoothly.

"Those who join the coalition joined at their own will and none of them were forced to join the alliance," the MP for Fataleka said.

SIPFP president Bishop Johnnie Kuper and Party Leader Dr Jimmy Rodgers also echoed similar sentiments.

They thanked the leaders and members of the various coalition partners for being a member of the Solomon Islands People Democratic Coalition.

"We are happy that the manifestos by the respective parties in the coalition will provide the basis for the development priorities and the implementing strategy of the coalition," they said.

They added their party is privileged to contribute to the future development of our country.

PAP president Sir Nathaniel Waena said his party had always wanted to be in the government.

"We had been in Opposition in the past four years and we had expressed our desire to be in the next government in managing the affairs of our nation," Sir Nathaniel said.

As of last night, more than 30 MPs have joined the coalition.

Members of the Coalition will work over the next few days to fulfill the requirements under the Act so that appropriate documents are submitted to the Commission to enable the Governor General to call Parliament to meet and elect the country’s new prime minister.

Meanwhile, Registrar of Political Parties Commission, Calvin Ziru has confirmed receiving the membership form of more than 30 MPs yesterday.

Mr Ziru said he is awaiting the Coalition Agreement from the group to review it before the Chairman of the Commission, Paul Tovua, will submit it to the Governor General.

Upon receiving the agreement, Governor General Sir Frank Kabui will call Parliament for the election of the prime minister.

[PIR editor’s note: Solomon Star reported that ‘Police are confident the country will enjoy another peaceful election within the coming weeks when the new Prime Minister is elected. ... This came after security concerns were raised as MPs converged in Honiara to elect a new prime minister. ... This is because in the past, many of the riots and public disorders were results of people’s disagreement with both the formation of government and also the election of the Prime Minister.’]

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