Polye Appointed New PNG Opposition Leader

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Namah reluctantly accepts being dumped

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Dec. 3, 2014) – Kandep MP Don Polye is the new Opposition Leader but dumped leader Belden Namah says he has not been consulted with the moves to topple him.

Mr Namah (Vanimo-Green) said yesterday he reluctantly accepted the "appointment" but he was not party to the six-member Opposition caucus which met last Thursday to dump him.

The caucus had resolved to appoint Mr Polye, the leader of Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) Party to lead the Opposition, with Bulolo MP Sam Basil as his deputy.

Speaker Theo Zurenuoc has announced that he recognises Mr Polye as the new leader.

However, when contacted yesterday Mr Namah said: "Let my brother have it".

"I as the incumbent never convened any Opposition caucus meeting to elect a new Opposition Leader. I am the incumbent Opposition Leader and I should call the caucus meeting.

"I have no issue with my brother Don Polye."

Mr Polye said last night he would call a media conference today to answer any queries to his new position.

But Mr Namah told the Post-Courier his concern was whether Mr Polye was the fit and proper person to occupy the position.

"Don Polye has been heavily implicated along with James Marape and Peter O’Neill in Paraka gate. He has been laughing away on the other side of the House while issues of national importance had been raised and fought from the Opposition side.

"I am concerned about the high profile corruption issues I have been fighting to address and I am equally concerned whether under the new leadership the Opposition will continue the fight against corruption.

"I will continue to fight as an ordinary MP to ensure good governance, transparency and accountably by the Government are upheld," he said.

Speaker Mr Zurenuoc sent a letter to Mr Polye which read: "In the absence of any expressed legal provision in the Constitution or any Act of Parliament, the Chair (Speaker) accepts that there was a proper Opposition Caucus meeting convened.

Member of the Opposition confirmed this in your (collectively signed) letter as well as in person during the meeting in my office." Mr Zurenuoc sent another letter to Mr Namah which read: "I am also in receipt of instrument signed by six Opposition Members of Parliament informing me of the decision of the Opposition Caucus which unanimously resolved to elect Hon.

Don Pomb Polye, MP leader of the (THE) Party, as the new Leader of the Opposition.

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