Yap Certifies Election Results; Ganngiyan Wins Governors Race

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News Release

Yap State Government Colonia, Yap

December 29, 2014

State Election Commissioner Laura Ngaden on Friday certified the result of the Yap general elections held on Nov. 4, 2014 for the gubernatorial and the senatorial posts in the state government, mayor and councilmen in Rull Municipal Council and YSL Resolution 8-102 which proposed an amendment to Article XIV of the Constitution of the State of Yap, by adding a new Section 12: "To prohibit all forms of wagering gambling and games of chance conducted with the object of commercial gain, benefit or advantage, whether open to the general public or conducted in private."

The certification of the result followed the special election held at one of the polling places in Election District 2 on Sunday, Dec. 21, 2014, with the votes counted on Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2014. Election District 2 consists of the four main islands in Ulithi Atoll — Falalop, Asor, Mogmog and Fathrai and other neighboring islands.

The special election in Mogmog on Sunday did not affect the results from other election districts except the senatorial candidates from that election district, the gubernatorial candidates and the proposed amendment to the article of the Constitution of the State of Yap.

The result in Mogmog shows that Tony Ganngiyan and running mate James Yangetmai received 79 votes while Henry Falan and Sabino Sauchomal received only 1 and Charles Chieng and Francis Itimai, 0.

In the race between the senatorial candidates in Election District 2 shows that Lazarus Ulith received 65 votes in Mogmog while Jesse Raglmar-Subolmar received 15.

On the proposed amendment to the State Constitution, there were only 3 people who voted Yes while 78 voted No.

The winners in the gubernatorial race are Tony Ganngiyan and running mate James Yangetmai with 2,293 votes (46 percent) followed by Team Henry Falan with 1,825 votes (37 percent) and Team Charles Chieng with 645 votes (13 percent).

Winners in the senatorial race from Election District 1 are:

Election District 2

Election District 3

Election District 4

Election District 5

On the proposed Constitutional Amendment: a total of 2,284 voters in Yap were in favor while 2,545 were against.

The special election in Mogmog was the result of a court ruling in Civil Case 2014-164: Jesse Raglmar-Subolmar as plaintiff vs. defendant Laura Ngaden, in her official capacity as the Yap State election commissioner on Dec. 18, 2014.

The case arises from a challenge by the losing Yap state legislative candidate in Election District 2. The losing candidate alleged that voter irregularities occurred in Mogmog, one of the polling places in the election district. The Yap State Court holds the violations of the election law have occurred in that area and therefore necessitates a new election at the Mogmog polling place.

In the court findings, it appeared there were several voters — not many — who cast ballots at the Mogmog polling place in Election District 2 that did not have their names on the Election Master List.

Moreover, some registered voters who cast their ballots at the Mogmog polling place didn’t sign the list. Finally, some registered voters who were authorized to vote at another polling place in the election district, but not the Mogmog polling place, were allowed to vote at the Mogmog polling place. These registered voters had not requested a change in polling place.

Following are the results of the Rull Municipal Race:


North Rull Councilmen:

Milew Councilmen:

Lik’aychog Councilmen:

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