Fiji Tops Survey As ‘Happiest’ Country In The World

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WIN/Gallup poll shows global happiness on the rise

SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, Dec. 31, 2014) – Fiji has been ranked the happiest country in the world, according to an end-of-year survey of 64,002 people in 65 countries which also found happiness is on the rise globally.

The market research and polling organisation WIN/Gallup found that Fiji was the happiest nation with 93 per cent of residents expressing contentment.

Iraq was the least happy with 31 per cent.

Africa appeared to be the happiest region in 2014 with 83per cent of those surveyed across the continent being content, followed by Asia (77per cent).

Meanwhile, those from Oceania, MENA and Western Europe were the least happy with 14per cent, 13per cent and 11per cent respectively responding that they were either unhappy or very unhappy.

Overall, 70per cent of people worldwide said they were happy with their life up from 60per cent last year, although just 42per cent believe that next year will be one of economic prosperity for their country.

Of the people polled 6per cent said they were unhappy, compared to last year’s 12per cnt, while those that are neither happy nor unhappy has remained stable, 23per cent against 26per cent last year.

The survey also found Nigeria was the most positive country, and Lebanon the most pessimistic.

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