New Caledonia To Try Again To Elect President

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Government continues in caretaker mode

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Jan. 5, 2015) – New Caledonia's government is due to make a fresh attempt to elect a president.

Last week, none of the candidates of the anti-independence camp secured a majority, raising fears of a prolonged deadlock.

Neither Cynthia Ligeard of the Front for Unity nor Philippe Germain of the Caledonia Together Party could get six backers among the 11 government members.

This followed the end of a formal power-sharing deal among the three anti-independence parties that prompted a government collapse three weeks ago and the election of a new government last week.

Without a president, the government is in caretaker mode only.

The five pro-independence members in the collegial government, who abstained in last week's bid to choose a president, are expected to vote this time.

A leading pro-independence politician Roch Wamytan says his side will make a choice to avoid an administrative deadlock caused by a rift within the dominant anti-independence grouping.

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