Fiji Airways: No Comment Over Masi Motif Trademark Allegations

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Moce people claim designs used in rebranding belong to them

SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, Jan. 19, 2015) – Claims have surfaced that the masi motifs used by Fiji Airways belong to the people of Moce who are demanding they be recognised and paid for its use.

Ministry of iTaukei Affairs Permanent Secretary Savenaca Kaunisela confirmed receiving word from the people of Moce that majority of the designs, including some of those used to create the airline's iconic logo – the Teteva - are theirs.

"What the designer of the Fiji Airways Teteva did was put together a number of designs just to make it look good but it has now caused problem, because the people of Moce are now demanding that they be paid for the use of their designs," Kaunisela said.

He said it would also be hard for Fiji Airways to patent the design because it was not unique, but rather had designs which belong to an iTaukei group.

The ministry is now looking at educating the iTaukei on their culture and ways to go about preserving these that are unique to them.

"What we’re trying to do now is to find out what makes someone different from others when it comes to different Fijian artifacts like Masi (tapa), Tabua, fans, mats and the different designs that makes them standout from the rest."

Comments are being sought from the Fiji Airways.

[PIR editor’s note: Fijilive reported that ‘Fiji's national airline, Fiji Airways has declined to comment on claims by the people of Moce saying their trademark application was still with authorities.’]

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