Tropical Depressions Brings Flooding To Samoa Capital

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Heavy rain overwhelms Apia’s drainage system

By Brenden Kim Quintos

APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, Feb. 1, 2015) – The heavy rain as a result of two tropical depressions over the Pacific caused flooding on several streets in Apia on Friday night.

Among the areas that became catch basins for the water are Saleufi, Taufusi and Fugalei.

In the intersection of Vaea st and Savalalo Road the water rose up to eight inches.

Meanwhile in the neighbouring Saleufi Street, a van got stuck causing its passenger to push it all the way to the Fugalei Market.

Cars had a hard time navigating the flooded area.

Elsewhere, some families living in Magiagi, Matautu and low-lying areas in the Apia township evacuated on Friday night.

These families did not want to take a chance after the deadly flooding on 2012 when Cyclone Evan devastated the country.

For many business people, the heavy rain fall was a nervous time.

A number of businesses in areas prone to flooding stacked up sandbags outside their premises to stop the flooding from entering their properties.

According to an employee working in one of the offices at Vaea Street, when she left their building at around 10pm, the water was almost knee deep.

"It’s the first time since Cyclone Evan, that I saw a flood again," she said.

She went on to blame the drainage or lack of proper drainage system in the area.

"It has always been the problem whenever there is heavy rain; there is a flood but nothing’s being done to fix it."

The water subsided hours nearing midnight.

It was a lot calmer yesterday.

But the Met Office have warned members of the public not to be caught off guard.

Although reports say that the tropical depression that had developed over Samoa has weakened, they are still warning people to expect more rain.

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