Tuvalu PM Pledges To Review Constitution If Reelected

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Sopoaga, facing voters in March, still has work to do

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Feb. 5, 2015) – Tuvalu's Prime Minister has pledged to review the country's constitution if re-elected in March, saying his administration has worked hard to stabilise politics in the country.

Enele Sopoaga, who became Prime Minister in 2013 after a vote of no confidence that overthrew Willie Telavi, who himself became Prime Minister after a vote of no confidence, says his government has achieved a lot in a short time.

He says politics in Tuvalu are now much more settled after electoral laws were tightened and what he calls foreign interests who tried to influence voting were removed.

However, Mr Sopoaga says there are still more changes he wants to make.

"When we get in, we'll further look into other areas of the constitution that we need to review as a whole - we cannot do it bit-by-bit. We have to review the constitution as relevant as it may be and one of the aims is to stabilise governance," says Sopoaga.

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