PNG To Begin Pension Payments To Elderly, Disabled

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Eligible people must register with national ID program

By Isaac Nicholas

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Feb. 26, 2015) – Old people and people living with disabilities will soon receive fortnightly allowances from the PNG government.

But first the old and disabled must register with the national identification program to get an ID card in order to come under the pension system.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, who launched the program and was the first to register, said on Monday it was important that people registered so that government knows the number of people to plan such programs as free education, free basic health, infrastructure and new policies like pension system. "Not long ago, I said the government is looking at some new policy like the pension system, pension means how we look after our old and our people with disabilities and we must know the record and their numbers.

"We should know the population record before we introduce this kind of policy, where we will give a little fortnightly pay to our old to look after themselves, 65 years and over, give them little money for their food and meet other basic expense," PM O’Neill said.

"It is important because a lot of us young people do not look after our old people.

"Do not forget that when you were young, they looked after you, it is important now that when our economy is growing, we should start looking after these kind of people.

"All of us will grow old, no-one will remain young forever, do not think you will be immortal, so when you grow old, you should get government support."

Prime Minister O’Neill said it is very important for people to go and register and get an ID card so that the government knows you exist in this country.

PM O’Neill was in Mendi with National Planning Minister Charles Abel, Finance Minister James Marape, Communication Minister Jimmy Miringtoro, Religion, Youth and Community Development Minister Delilah Gore, Southern Highlands Governor William Powi and Members of Parliament.

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