Palau President Defends Legality Of National Marine Sanctuary

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Concerns raised about loss of fishing rights and revenues

NGERULMUD, Palau (Oceania TV News, March 56 2015) — The national marine sanctuary legislation does not violate any laws of the Republic of Palau, including the Constitution, stresses President Tommy Remengesau. This is in response to an opinion indicating potential harm and loss of fishing rights revenues as a result of the commercial fishing ban.

The main issue presented by Talobak Victorio Uherbelau in his Feb 6, 2015 opinion to the state governments of Angaur and Kayangel, and also submitted to the Palau National Congress, refers to concerns regarding the loss of revenue for fishing rights fees upon the creation of the commercial ban.

On Feb. 25, 2015, during administration’s weekly press conference, the president said during the 5-year transition period, state governments will continue to receive their share of the fishing rights fees.

Additionally, the pending marine sanctuary legislation includes a funding mechanism that will replace the lost revenues once the ban is in place.

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