Honiara Community To Commemorate 2014 April Flood

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Survivors of deadly storm resettled in area called ‘April Hill’

By Alfred Sasako

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, April 1, 2015) – Survivors and victims of the 2014 Honiara April 3 flash flood will be commemorating the 2014 April flood.

Most of the survivors who have been resettled at April Hill in East Honiara have lost loved ones.

Speaking to the paper, treasurer of the organizing committee Charles Ketea said, "it’s now April, and our thoughts about how the running river crashes our homes and our loved ones are still fresh in our minds.

"We can still hear their cries, the rushing waters, and the broken down of our homes. All these were still fresh in our hearts.

"That was the moment that will linger in our hearts for as long as we live; it torn our homes and family and our hearts apart."

He added that they decided to host a remembrance service and commemorating activities within 3 days, though painful buts it’s comforting to the families.

"This is a painful experience we have been through, and we are hosting this event to remember our lost loved ones."

April Hill was a name given to the settlement after the flood.

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