Assessment From Yap: ‘Massive Devastation’ From Super Typhoon

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Crops wiped out, water contaminated, all but concrete structure destroyed

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, April 3, 2015) – Assessments carried out by authorities in the Federated States of Micronesia state of Yap has revealed massive devastation in the atolls that bore the brunt of a category five super-typhoon this week.

The Lieutenant Governor of Yap, James Yangetmai, says a plane carried out an assessment yesterday of the three atolls worst hit by typhoon Maysak -- Fais, Ulithi, and Faraulep -- and reported extensive damage, but no fatalities.

Mr Yangetmai says crops have been wiped out, water supplies contaminated, and all buildings except those built from concrete have been wiped out.

"The only remaining are those that were built of concrete, which are very few of them. On one island they reported that only four structures were built of concrete and even with that, their roof flew off."

He says there is an urgent need for shelter, food and water for the atolls' residents and further assessments are hoped to be carried out this weekend.

But he says it could take days to get relief supplies to the atolls worse-affected by Maysak.

Mr Yangetmai says a government vessel deployed from Pohnpei is hoped to reach the atolls this weekend before supplies run out.

[PIR editor’s note: Radio Australia reported that ‘Thousands of people in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) are in desperate need of food, water and shelter after the islands were struck by Super Typhoon Maysak, the Red Cross says. ... The organisation's executive director in Micronesia, Isao Frank Jr, told Pacific Beat nine people were killed and thousands were displaced.’]

"We're hoping that by Saturday water will reach the island of Faraulep. I think they said four, four water tanks they were able to protect from flying debris. We hope those four water tanks have water in them and could sustain them at least up 'til Saturday or Sunday."

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