CNMI Speaker Opposes Increased Military Activities

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Guerrero introduces resolution requesting Governor oppose plans

By Cherrie Anne E. Villahermosa

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, April 7, 2015) – Speaker Joseph P. Deleon Guerrero will introduce a House joint resolution requesting Gov. Eloy Inos to oppose any and all proposed military use of Pagan, and oppose any increase military activities in the CNMI.

He will also introduce another resolution expressing support for the position of Inos and the Commonwealth Ports Authority that Tinian should be the sole location of the proposed construction and implementation of military exercises to expand the divert capabilities of the United States Air Force.

Both resolutions will be introduced by Speaker Deleon Guerrero when the House convenes on Rota this Thursday.

Reps. Edwin Aldan, Roman Benavente, George Camacho, Lorenzo Deleon Guerrero, Joseph Leepan Guerrero, Glenn Maratita, Antonio Sablan and Francis Taimanao are co-sponsoring House Joint Resolution 19-2 to support the position of Inos and CPA that Tinian should be the sole location of the proposed divert airfield.

For House Joint Resolution 19-3, requesting Inos to oppose military use of Pagan, the co-authors are Reps. Edwin Aldan and Antonio Sablan.

House Minority Leader Ramon Tebuteb, in an interview yesterday, expressed support for H.J.R. 19-2 but as for the proposed military use of Pagan, he said:

"This is a compelling and a sensitive issue. My concern is to be mindful that our people need to see both sides of this issue. As their representatives, we should be open about it and have an open mind. We have to make sure that both sides are explained to the people so people can understand both sides. We should be mindful of what will be the impact on our visa waiver for Chinese tourists, the Saipan casino investment and military activities in the commonwealth — the people should understand all of these issues."

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