110,000 In Vanuatu Still Without Safe Drinking Water: UNICEF

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Full damage report from Cyclone Pam expected this week

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, April 15, 2015) – Aid agencies say they are struggling to restore water supplies to all of Vanuatu's islands a month after Cyclone Pam hit the country.

Unicef says 110, 000 people are still without access to safe drinking water.

A full report on the damage caused by the tropical storm is expected to be released later this week.

[PIR editor’s note: RNZI reported that ‘Citizens of Port Vila in Vanuatu took time on Monday to honour those who lost their lives during Cyclone Pam which struck the country on the 13th of March. ... A Church service was held at the Port Vila seafront for the 11 people who lost their lives during the category 5 storm.’]

Speaking from Port Vila, Unicef's Alice Clements says several islands have had their water restored.

"But there's still some islands who are receiving water through any means possible so it could be through taking helicopters from a desalination plant on a boat through to the islands."

Alice Clements says people are also doing their best to rebuild their homes and plant new crops.

She says relief supplies from as far afield as Denmark are continuing to flood in.

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