Assessment Notes Gaps In Vanuatu Cyclone Relief, Recovery Efforts

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More help from overseas needed in months ahead

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, April 22, 2015) – Vanuatu's latest damage assessment has revealed an even greater need for assistance from the international community in the months ahead.

The Operations Manager of the National Disaster Management Office Peter Korisa says the report outlines gaps in the ongoing relief and recovery effort with specific instructions on what needs to be done.

Mr Korisa says there is a high level of detail in the reports recommendations but many of the proposals will require even more help from overseas.

"Some of those sectors we have some resources, while others may depend largely on support whether internally or externally. I think we will need, we still need support from overseas, partners overseas and even regionally to do some, to assist us in the implementation of some of those recommendations."

Peter Korisa says the report is expected to be fully endorsed by the Vanuatu government tomorrow in order for its implementation to begin.

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