PNG Power Company Top Management Structure Changed

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Government names new Director, introduces 10-year plan

By Isaac Nicholas

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, April 27, 2015) – The Government has made radical changes to electricity service provider PNG Power Limited’s top management structure in a bid to provide reliable, 24-hour power to the majority of the population within a decade.

It has also announced a 10-year electricity infrastructure development plan and reshuffled PPL’s umbrella body, the Independent Public Business Corporation, by sacking incumbent Wasantha Kumarasiri for not conforming to Cabinet directives.

Taking effect immediately to make PNG Power more corporate-oriented, the Government had engaged the services of former Digicel CEO John Mangos as "executive director". Public Enterprises and State Investment Minister Ben Micah announced the changes yesterday at a media conference.

He said Mr Mangos would "assist the PPL executive management in its executive duties and responsibilities, providing a mentorship role to bring in modern management practices working together with the board".

Mr Micah said the Govern-ment had opted for Mr Mangos because of his impressive record in bringing the mobile communication company from ground-zero to holding 90 percent of the market in PNG today.

The new PPL board comprises Larry Andagali who had been retained as chairman, Clement Waine as deputy chairman, Mr Mangos as executive director, Garry Hersey, David Conn representing the business community, Moses Gurra, John Paska representing workers and Finkewe Zurenuoc.

Mr Hersey had also been appointed the new managing director of IPBC, replacing Mr Kumarasiri.

Mr Micah said that Cabinet had noted and approved the final report of the state-of-emergency on electricity services which would also be tabled in Parliament.

He said a major recommendation of the report was the PPL restructure "as a wholesome approach to improving and strengthening of the provision of electricity services". He said the new board would review and implement the recommendations of the report.

"The SOE Report also recommended and was approved by cabinet of major projects that will progress the development of electricity in PNG."

"The ultimate goal for the reforms in the electricity sector and the restructure of PPL is to introduce reliable and affordable power supply to at least 90 per cent of the population consistent with the goals of Vision 2050."

He said the proposed restructure recognised the need to open up space for private sector participation in the generation of electricity, distribution and retail businesses. He said approval had been given for new hydropower stations to be built at Edevua (Brown River), Gembogl, Kiburu, Tua River, Wara Simbu, Daewoo Lae, Hela and Puanda.

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