Pacific Exporters Should Only Focus On Top Quality Kava

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Revival of industry depends on maintaining high standards

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, April 29, 2015) – Kava-producing countries have been put on notice that nothing less than top quality exports are crucial in ensuring the industry thrives.

Scientists are now analysing kava from across the Pacific to formulate a gold standard and find easier ways of weeding out kava varieties of a lesser quality described as "non-noble".

The chair of the International Kava Executive Council, Tagaloa Eddie Wilson, says there will always be importers looking for cheaper varieties and governments need to get tough.

"There are certain traders in the industry that are still finding their way to get hold of this and export them. That is a no-no, industry in the Pacific has met several times and they have agreed that this kava which is non-noble must never be used in the trade."

Tagaloa Eddie Wilson praised Vanuatu for its Kava Act and ban on non-noble kava, and the upcoming amendments that are due to be passed next month.

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