Solomons Landowners Question Purchase Of Gold Mine

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Lack of consultation leads to confusion over Gold Ridge

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, May 11, 2015) – Some landowners of the Gold Ridge goldmine in Solomon Islands say the recent sale of the mine was done without proper consultation.

They say there is confusion over what exactly it is they have purchased.

The chairman of the Gold Ridge Community and Land Owners Council, Dick Douglas says members of the financial arm of his association, Gold Ridge Community Investments Ltd rushed into signing the deeds of sale for the mine.

He says the former owners, Australian miner St Barbara had said their offer to sell would expire on the first of May.

" They by-passed the council and in a properly manner it has to be brought to the council and then we should thoroughly look at it. It is a rush so, more of the share-holders and directors didn't really know the content of these deeds."

Mr Douglas says he refused to sign off on the purchase and says he will be seeking clarification from St Barbara and the Solomons government on what exactly Gold Ridge Landowners have acquired.

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