Samoa Manufacturers Association Partners With University Of Hawai'i

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SAME looks to export breadfruit, coconut products to US, global market

By Apulu Lance Polu

APIA, Samoa (Talamua, June 18, 2015) –The Samoa Association of Manufacturers and Exporters (SAME) has entered into dialogue with the University of Hawaii, to establish close cooperation in the development of Agriculture based Export Products-mainly Gluten-Free Breadfruit flour as well as cocoa & coconut based products targeting the substantial USA and Global market.

The University of Hawai'i, represented by Papali'i Dr.Tusi Avegalio and Professor Alvin Huang has already carried out extensive product development and market research for gluten free breadfruit flour-which will be shared with SAME and its research partner‐ the Scientific Research Organization of Samoa.

SAME in return will disseminate the technical and market information with its 35 members in Agro‐processing‐ and continue to build the capacity of its members and Samoan farmers to cater for the significant export market opportunities that will be available under this cooperation.

The University of Hawaii made its presentation to the SAME Executive at its monthly meeting last night at the Travellers Point‐ where Dr.Avegalio advised the SAME Executive that the University is excited to establish this close co‐operation to take advantage of the export market for gluten free breadfruit flour in the USA of approx. USD$10billion growing to $15B in 5 years' time.

Professor Huang added that they will be happy to share processing protocols with SAME as well as information as such standards for breadfruit flour processing‐including, post‐harvest processing equipment to help farmers make use of the Ulu crop during harvest.

Representatives of the Global Supply Chain Company C.H.Robinson also made presentations and indicated that they are committed to importing, in addition to breadfruit flour, any other agriculture food products that are available in abundance such as lime; vanilla; cocoa and coconut products.

C.H.Robinson is a $12.3Billion Turnover company, which supplies large outlets such as Costco and Wal‐Mart’s. President of SAME‐Tagaloa Eddie Wilson confirmed SAME’s interest in establishing a strong partnership with the University of Hawaii to increase Samoa's Exports to the USA market.

SAME plans to launch its Buy Samoa Made Export campaign in the USA in the second half of 2016, in which the University of Hawaii the SAME delegation in Honolulu‐ before the trade mission travel to the West Coast. SAME is expected to endorse the partnership at the June 24th Members meeting hosted by the ANZ Bank of Samoa. The ANZ Bank will be making presentation to the SAME members on its competitive Trade Finance Facility as well as its other services to support Samoan Exporters.

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