Vanuatu NGOs ‘In Shock’ Over MSG Decision On West Papua

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Vanuatu NGOs ‘In Shock’ Over MSG Decision On West Papua Denying full membership ‘is a slap in the face for ni-Vanuatu’

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, June 29, 2015) – NGOs in Vanuatu says the Melanesian Spearhead Group decision not to admit West Papua as a full member, but upgrade Indonesia's membership, is a slap in the face for ni-Vanuatu.

Chiefs and the trade union movement also say they are in shock at last week's decision.

The chairman of Vanuatu's West Papua support group, Pastor Alain Nafuki, says he wants the MSG leaders to revisit their decision not to give full membership to the United Liberation Movement for West Papua.

"The purpose of establishing MSG is totally to assist our people who have not gained their rights yet, independence. That was the main reason and I would tell them that they would revisit the reason of why we establish MSG."

The MSG upgraded Indonesia from observer status to associate member status, while it admitted the United Liberation Movement as an observer.

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