Fisheries Chief: Countries Need Preparation For Catch Decline

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PNA chief says revenue declines could drastically impact governments

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, July 1, 2015) – The chief executive of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement is urging members to plan for tuna revenue declines.

Transform Aqorau says member countries can't be complacent about the current surge in fisheries revenue.

He says they need to prepare for future downturns in revenue, to avoid shocks to government finances and services dependent on the new source of funds.

Dr Aqorau warns one bad year of fishing will have a huge negative impact on member countries economies.

The eight PNA member countries have seen revenue increase five times since 2010, going from $US 64 million to an estimated $US 350 million this year.

Transform Aqorau says this is all related to PNA's vessel day scheme management system.

Climate and other environmental factors, an over-abundance of tuna stock depressing prices, or market forces out of the PNA's control can all impact fishing in the western and central Pacific.

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