PNG’s Southern Highlands Chamber: ‘Asian’ Business Unwelcome

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PNG’s Southern Highlands Chamber: ‘Asian’ Business Unwelcome Chinese shop in Mendi alleged to be illegal

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, July 1, 2015) – The Southern Highlands Chamber of Commerce has declared Southern Highlands Province as a ‘no-go zone’ for Asian businesses after discovering illegal Asian businesses operating in the province.

Southern Highlands Chamber of Commerce President Berry Mini says Mendi and Southern Highlands Province at large is declared a ‘no-go zone’ for ‘Asians’ who wanted to get into businesses especially ‘reserved businesses’ in the province.

"The Chamber stands to maintain this important decision with or without politicians’ or government’s support. I also call upon the Minister for Commerce and Industry Richard Maru to push for important legislations that will protect ‘reserved businesses’ as a matter of priority," he said. .

The call was made after a group of Asians of Chinese origin opened up a shop in Mendi town called Metex through supports from local politicians and allowing Asians to operate business by issuing provincial trading licence.

"Such move is totally uncalled for and was made outside appropriate laws. I appeal to the politicans not to politicize the issue on ‘reserved businesses’ as this is not right for the province," Mr Mini said.

He added that the chamber had written a letter to the Provincial Police Commander to arrest the Asians identified as they were operating under a company which they did not own.

"Basing on the official information from an investigation through the provincial police commander’s office, three Chinese nationals were identified as operating a shop illegally and under false pretence," Mr Mini said.

He said three Chinese have provided falsified information to police investigation team and further investigations by the chamber through company extracts from IPA revealed that none of the Chinese nationals who were running the shop actually owned the business under the company called Ever East Trading Limited.

"This act of doing business under a different company amounted to false pretenceand is a serious offence. The chamber is now asking the police to immediately arrest the Asians involved," Mr Mini said.

He said all Asian businesses in the province would be thoroughly checked in the mean time while a stop is placed on other Asian businesses to enter the province.

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