Solomon Islands Launches National Peace-Building Policy

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Effort to mainstream peace building across government, civil society

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, July 23, 2015) – The Government through the Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace (MNURP) has launched its first ever National Peace-Building Policy in the country.

The ceremony took place at Kitano Mendana Hotel on Tuesday.

A statement from the Ministry said, after going through past social unrest, it was the first of its kind ever in the country as well as in the Pacific to have such a document, "National Peace-Building Policy".

"The overview of the policy is to proper and effective coordination of peace building activities in the country.

"And also mainstreaming peace building across all sectors of government and to all civil society organisations."

Speaking at the official launching Minister Samson Maneka thanked all officials from the government and other organization for attending the launching.

He said, in June 21 Cabinet has endorsed and approved the peace-building policy.

"The policy in its natural statues is to rebuild, revitalized all aspect of peace-building in the country."

He highlighted that Ministry of National Unity Reconciliation and Peace is confident that the end result of the peace-building policy is that Solomon Islanders will live in a peaceful environment and have equal opportunity.

Minister said; "Peace-building is everybody’s business."

Therefore, he added this policy can be workable through the support and joint initiatives of all Solomon Islanders.

He said, all Solomon Islander has a role to play when it comes to peace-building in the country.

The Minister acknowledged UNDP and all stakeholders for the support in developing the policy.

United Nation Development Program (UNDP) representative Stella Delaiverata thanked Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace (MNURP) for the launching of the policy document.

She said, back in 2010 UNDP and the Ministry worked together in developing this policy.

UNDP has supported MNURP together with other civil society in developing the policy document.

She assured the Ministry that UNDP will always support them in delivering peace-building activities in the country.

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