Suspended Nauru MPs Not Invited To Meet Forum Chief

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Government allows 3 opposition members not suspended to meeting

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, July 28, 2015) – Nauru's suspended opposition MPs have not been invited to meet the Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum during her visit to the island.

Dame Meg Taylor arrived in Nauru on Sunday as part of a tour of all Forum countries before the Forum leaders meet in September.

Her visit comes amid concerns about a breakdown in democracy on Nauru and at least one suspended MP Roland Kun has said she needs to hear how democratically elected MPs have been prevented from representing their people in parliament.

The Nauru government has invited the three remaining opposition MPs to meet Dame Meg today and one of them Marcus Stephen says he will raise concerns about the separation of powers, and various actions taken by the government.

He says he will also ask Dame Meg if she would like to meet the suspended MPs.

"That's one thing I would like to find out from her. Why is she here? Is it just a tick of the box or are they really serious, that they're here to do something about things if they do see things that are not right?"

Mr Stephen says he is not satisfied Dame Meg will get a full picture of the situation on Nauru if she doesn't meet the suspended MPs.

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