Nauru Government Happy With Forum Head’s Support

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Working hard to ‘restore transparency to justice system’

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Aug. 5, 2015) – The Nauru Government has welcomed comments by the Pacific Islands Forum and says it is working hard to restore transparency in the country's justice system.

Dame Meg said the Nauru Government feels very strongly the issues of sovereignty and the political issues that have emerged will be resolved.

Nauru's President, Baron Waqa, claims Opposition MPs, who have been expelled from Parliament for nearly 15 months, are trying to cover for their lack of performance when they were in government and to try and regain power.

The President says his government has added more Supreme Court judges, established a futures fund with international oversight, repaid outstanding government workers' wages and is upgrading houses and infrastructure.

[PIR editor’s note: RNZI reported that ‘New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key says New Zealand remains deeply concerned about what it sees happening in Nauru and wants a resolution on the issue. ... Mr Key says New Zealand will have to make a decision in the next month on the next tranche of aid due for the country's justice sector which is funded by New Zealand. ... He says New Zealand disagrees with Nauru about whether democracy is being applied fairly and lawfully, especially in the case of the opposition MP, Roland Kun, who has not been allowed to return to his family in New Zealand.’]

Nauru receives tens of millions of dollars each year from Australia for hosting its asylum seekers and refugees.

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