PNG Opposition: Removal Of Australian Advisors ‘Nonsense’

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Bans foreign consultants won’t help economic management: Polye

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, Aug. 12, 2015) – Opposition leader Don Polye said the decision by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to remove Australian advisers and consultants is an absolute nonsense and will not improve the economic management of the country.

"What they do is give their sincere professional advice on Government and to state authorities as development and economic partners," Polye said.

"Regardless of where these advisers are from, whether locals or foreigners, the state of the economy will always be a fact.

"Truth will always remain. If there’s mismanagement, it will still show out. If there’s lack of response to challenges that are coming onboard, it will still show. If there’re monies lost, it will show. If there’s a buildup of debt in this country, it will show.

"For example, it was not those advisers or consultants who advised the Prime Minister to get the UBS loan or the K144m gen-set from Israel."

Polye said consultants and advisers were not the ones running the country and removing them was a sign of a Government that was not transparent.

"We need them because they are the messengers who come and give their professional view. It’s hard for Government to take or not to take advice and implement accordingly."

He said the National Research Institute, National Agriculture Research Institute and other State institutions were "think-tanks" for the Government.

"If they think along the same lines as the foreign consultants, then the Prime Minister is making a wrong decision here, chasing out foreigners at the suffering of our nation as he wants to indulge in the mismanagement," he said.

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