CNMI Governor Calls For Accountability For Recovery Donations

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Inos recommends all donations be routed through government

By Joel D. Pinaroc

SAIPAN, CNMI (Saipan Tribune, Aug. 18, 2015) – Gov. Eloy S. Inos wants accountability and proper reporting as donations—in cash and in-kind—continue to pour into the CNMI.

On Capital Hill last Friday, the Office of the Governor and Office of the Lt. Governor received a $100,000 cash donation from Best Sunshine International, Ltd.

BSI has already donated significant amounts to the government and other agencies heavily involved in the ongoing relief and recovery efforts.

Inos said he would recommend all donations to be coursed through the government so that there will be a "measure of accountability."

For in-kind donations, Inos recommends that items be turned over to the government, which will then "turn around" and tap the American Red Cross NMI Chapter to distribute the items to the needy.

For cash donations, Inos said a non-profit foundation has been set up. The foundation will have a board of directors who will then meet and determine what to prioritize.

Inos said he is making it clear that it is "up to the donor," but he would still recommend coursing donations to the government.

Aside from accountability, coursing the donations directly to the government "is also for the sake of generating reports."

"We have to make a report to the public and to the donors," Inos said.

The governor also said he wants other organizations that have been conducting their own relief efforts to "exercise care" so that donations will go to the intended recipients.

Best Sunshine

Best Sunshine CEO Mark Brown, said that BSI will "follow the government’s lead."

Brown was present on Sunday to pledge the $100,000 cash donation.

He said the company will continue to provide assistance, not just cash but also by providing volunteers. According to Brown, BSI already deployed 30 interns for various volunteer jobs.

He stressed that BSI will pay these interns for their volunteer jobs for the government.

BSI’s total assistance to the CNMI, including to the government, Legislature, and non-government agencies, has already reportedly reached $500,000.

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