U.S. Military Awards Guam $372,000 To Prepare For Buildup

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Grant to fund salaries, new equipment, official travel

By Steve Limtiaco

HAGÅTÑA, Guam (Pacific Daily News, Aug. 23, 2015) – The military recently agreed to give the Guam governor’s office $372,002 during the next fiscal year to help the island prepare for the pending military buildup and other issues related to military shifts in the region.

The military’s Office of Economic Adjustment approved the administration’s request for a grant to pay the salaries of three employees at the governor’s office, to purchase new computers, and to pay for travel by the governor and other officials related to the buildup, including possible trips to Washington, D.C., and to Japan, which currently hosts the Marines who will be relocated to Guam.

Since 2007, OEA has awarded $2.61 million in grants to the governor’s office in connection with the military buildup, including the grant approved for next fiscal year.

"The Office of the Governor Buildup Office will take the lead for the government of Guam, working collaboratively with (the Office of Economic Adjustment) on the implementation of the (Economic Adjustment Committee) initiatives, the outside-the-fence infrastructure projects," the governor’s office stated in its grant request. "This will require attendance at high-level meetings with federal agencies, the OEA, local government agencies and the military."

The grant will pay for the governor’s buildup director, an executive assistant and a program coordinator.

The OEA funds programs to help communities adjust to changes in their military presence.

The military buildup will move about 5,000 Marines and 1,300 dependents from Okinawa to a new base on Guam — part of a larger shift of military personnel in the Asia-Pacific region.

The projects related to the Guam relocation have been estimated to cost more than $8 billion.

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