Fiji Electricity Authority Pursuing Waste-To-Energy Project

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Effort could save millions on landfill management costs

By Shayal Devi

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, Aug. 25, 2015) – The Fiji Electricity Authority is on track to implement a new waste to energy project that could save millions of dollars on landfill management in the coming years.

Speaking at a Local Government Forum in Nadi last week, CEO Hasmukh Patel said there had been a couple of studies carried out in this regard.

"University of the South Pacific has carried out a study on municipal solid waste and FEA hired Australian consultancy firm Lloyds Consultancy to also do a study regarding waste to energy," he said.

"We basically concentrated our study at Naboro in the Suva area and we found two options.

"The first is that you can use the landfill and get the methane gas out to generate electricity but then you would still need to maintain landfills."

He said the preferred option for FEA was called pyrolysis, which was burning the waste.

"This is basically the thermal conversion process and it operates within a totally enclosed atmosphere self-contained environment causing chemical actions and reactions to activate the temperature inside the reaction chamber to 7000 degrees.

"A major benefit of pyrolysis is the high temperature of operations of which a considerable amount of waste heat is produced."

He said burning all the rubbish would produce heat, which could be processed to steam, hot water and then on to generating electricity.

"However, the waste does not belong to me. Therefore I have to include the councils and the ministry to make sure we are able to get all the stakeholders together and drive this project forward."

Local Government Minister Parveen Kumar said for a few weeks, they were talking about the waste to energy project.

"In the first week of September, I'm going to convene a meeting with stakeholders, Department of Environment, FEA, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Energy and municipal councils to discuss this project," he said.

"At the moment we are spending so much money to control our environment and our landfill but when we have this type of project, the councils will save a lot of money."

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