Vanuatu Opposition Readying PM No Confidence Motion

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Driven by current criminal bribery case

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, September 2, 2015) – Vanuatu's parliamentary opposition has confirmed this afternoon that it is gathering signatures for a motion of no confidence against prime minister Sato Kilman.

This comes as 18 mainly government MPs, including five ministers, are facing charges of bribery under both the leadership code and the country's penal code.

The Minister of Finance, Willie Jimmy pleaded guilty this morning to the charge of bribery under the leadership code.

The opposition said that the main reason it is preparing the motion is due to the seriousness of the current criminal case, the trial for which has been adjourned to next week.

The opposition office said that involvement of state ministers in the bribery cases could tarnish the reputation of Vanuatu regionally and internationally.

All 18 opposition MPs have already signed the motion and are seeking support of government MPs.

The opposition needs to have 27 signatures in order to request an extra-ordinary session of parliament to debate the motion.


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