Most Of Saipan Should Have Power By End Of October

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News Release

Commonwealth Utilities Corporation Saipan, CNMI

September 10, 2015

All of the primary lines on each of Saipan’s eight feeders are projected to be online by the end of September and the majority of Saipan should be online by the end of October.

Customers near the primary lines will be among the first to receive power while restoration will take longer for customers living farther from the primary lines and those with more damage.

Commonwealth Utilities Corp. Saipan linemen are currently supported by their peers from Rota, Tinian, Rhode Island, Palau, Yap, Pohnpei, Kosrae and Guam.

CUC is currently able to generate 31.1MW of electricity as primary power generation has migrated from Power Plant Four in Puerto Rico to Power Plant One in Lower Base. As the restoration of Saipan’s main production facility continues, we expect another 20MW to come online within the next two weeks.

Power Plant Four is currently able to produce 6.1MW of electricity from Generators 2 (2.1MW), 3 (2.1MW), 7 (.95MW), and 9 (.95MW). The plant is currently standing in reserve.

Power Plant One currently produces 10MW of electricity from Generator 5 with an additional 15MW ready to use from Generators 1 (5.5MW), 2 (4.0MW), and 3 (5.5MW). Restoration of the consoles and generators continues, which will lead to additional generation capability in the near future. Generator 6 (10MW) is being dried and a test run is scheduled for Thursday, September 10. Generator 7 (10MW) is also drying and is scheduled for testing next week.

CUC and partners from the Guam Power Authority, Yap, Palau, Kosrae and Pohnpei Utilities have erected power poles in the villages of Garapan, Puerto Rico, Chalan Kiya, Lower Base, Navy Hill, As Lito, San Vicente, Chalan Laulau, Kagman, Capital Hill, Tanapag, San Roque, Lower Base, Oleai, Dandan and the vicinity of the airport.

The underground cable from Power Plant One to the Chalan Kiya Substation has been activated. As a result, the Francisco C. Ada/Saipan International Airport and vast water production resources are now on island power. CUC estimates that it has energized 35 percent of its total network.

Transformer recovery

The Environmental Protection Agency has taken on the responsibility of recovering and disposing of damaged transformers. As of 2 p.m., Sept. 8, the CUC/EPA Transformer Team collected a total of 456 downed transformers.

Water distribution

CUC provides limited water service to nearly every village in Saipan. With the exception of a few pockets that remain without water, the following villages receive water based on the following schedule, which is subject to change based on the levels in the tanks:

San Antonio: 8am-1pm daily

Chalan Piao: 8am-1pm daily

Chalan Kanoa: Odd days: 6pm-8am Even days: 1-6pm

Susupe: Odd days: 1-6pm Even days: 6pm-8am Oleai: Odd days: 1-6pm Even days: 6pm-8am San Jose: 1-6pm Even days: 6pm-8am

Chalan Kiya: 24 hours (lower elevations only)

Navy Hill (Upper): 11am-2pm daily Navy Hill (Lower): 24 hours daily Chinatown: 2pm-4pm daily

As Teo: 24 hours daily

As Matuis (Lower): 8am – 6pm daily

As Matuis (Upper): 24 hours daily

San Roque: 8am-6pm daily San Vicente 1: 1pm-5pm daily San Vicente 2: 9am-1pm

Lower Base: 9am-4pm Tanapag: 8am-6pm daily Sadog Tasi: 24 hours daily

Tottotville: 8am-11am odd days

Koblerville 1B: 12pm-3pm odd days Koblerville 1C: 4pm-8pm odd days Koblerville 2B: 12pm-3pm even days Koblerville 2C: 4pm-7pm even days Koblerville 2D: 8pm-12am even days Afetna: 8pm-12am daily odd days

As Gonno: 8am-11am daily even days

Kagman IV: 9am – 11am daily Kagman I: 10am – 12pm daily Kagman II: 10am – 12pm daily

Kagman III Phase I: 10am – 12pm daily Kagman III Phase II: 12pm – 2pm daily Kagman III Phase III: 2pm – 4pm daily As Lito: 1pm-6:30pm daily

Dandan Homestead: 8am-5pm (higher elevations) daily Dandan Homestead: 8am-6pm (lower elevations) daily Obyan: 10am-3pm daily

Airport Road: 9:30am-6:30pm daily

Finasisu: 9:30am-6:30pm daily

Capital Hill is broken up into three sections:

CH 1: 24 hours daily (East Isa Dr. from Sarah Market to Kagman Mobil Gas Station (including Atbut Dr., Egigi Dr., Ifet Dr., Chunge Pl., Fakpe Pl., and Fahang Dr.).

CH 2: 24 hours daily

CH 3: 1pm-4pm 1300 block, Wireless Ridge, West Isa Dr. to Haat Pl., and Chalan Talafofo).

CH 4: 24 hours daily (Papago Dr., Sosugi Dr., Isa Dr. from Ahgaga Dr. to Mulberry Ln.).

Tapochau: 3pm-6pm daily

Kanat Tabla is broken into four sections: KT1: 8am-12pm (Kanat Tabla) odd days

KT2: 12pm-3pm (Middle Rd. & Beach Rd., Gualo Rai St. to Quartermaster Rd.) odd days

KT3: 9am-12pm (Middle Rd. & Beach Rd., Chalan Monsignor Guerrero to Quartermaster Rd.) even days

KT4: 12pm-4pm (Kanat Tabla) even days

Papago: 9am-5pm daily

Laolao Bay Drive: 9am-1pm daily San Vicente: 1pm-5pm (Stanford) Garapan is broken into three sections:

G1: 8am-11am (South Garapan – Dama Di Noche St. to Gualo Rai St.)

G2: 11am-2pm (Garapan Orchid St. to Dame Di Noche St.) G3: 2pm-5pm (Garapan – Micro Beach Rd. to Orchid St.) Gualo Rai: 8am-5pm daily

All times are subject to change based on the volume of water coming into the tank.

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